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Car Wash Hervey Bay

Wash your vehicle and save 25% by washing off peak with our Touch Free Laserwash - Between 7pm and 7am every day, pay only:

  • $7.00 for the Laserwash Quik Wash
    - usually $10.00
  • $10 for the Laserwash Deluxe Wash
    - usually $14.00
  • Or $12 for the Laserwash Supreme Wash
    - usually $16.00.

Automatic Touch Free Laser Wash

Superwash Hervey bay Our touch-less laser wash is the latest model laser 360 plus from America and has soaps, water, polish and paint protectant applied through water jets with no part of the machine ever touching your car. This eliminates the chance of any damage ever being caused to your car while it is being washed.

The Laser Wash is open 24 hours/day and fully attended between 8.30am to 5pm, 7 days per week. While attended, we apply a cleaning spray to your wheels before entering and use a foam brush on the windscreen, mirrors & front of the car if required while the car is being washed by the Laser Wash 360 plus to move the pre-soaks around to give a better finish.

The “Supreme” wash (best wash for dirty cars) has an under-body & wheel blast on entry, 3 applications of soap, high pressure rinse, triple high pressure to front & rear of car, "Durashield Plus" Paint Protection, "Durashield Plus"  Shine, Spot Free rinse A at the end to leave your car sparkling clean.

The “Regular” wash (cleans lightly soiled cars) has an under-body & wheel blast on entry, 2 applications of soap, high pressure rinse, "Durashield Plus" Paint Protection, "Durashield Plus"  Shine, Spot Free rinse A at the end to leave your car sparkling clean.

The “Quik Wash” is for regular washing such as taxis or for removing light dust or salt spray between full washes on other vehicles. It has 1 application of soap, high pressure rinse & Spot Free rinse.

The Laser Wash can be activated using cash, credit cards, pre-purchased tokens, or a pre-purchase code entry. Credit account applications from business are always welcome.

3 Self-Serve Car Wash Bays

Car Wash Hervey BaySelf-Serve Bays are for customers who want to wash the car, boat, trailer or motor bike themselves.

Full instructions are provided in each bay so that you get the best possible result at the lowest cost.

These bays are charged for time used with each $1 buying 1 minute 10 seconds, so the cost of washing depends on the time token to do the wash.

In each bay, you can select type & wheel cleaner, foam soap pre-soak, high pressure soap rinse, soapy foam brush, high pressure water rinse, carnauba splatter wax, high pressure liquid wax and spot-free rinse.

All bays are open 24/7 with epoxy flooring white baked enamel wall finishes & LED lighting to provide a clean, bright place to wash at any time of the day or night.

Car Wash Hervey Bay Credit CardsSplatter wax has been a big hit since being added to self-serve bays. It contains high quality carnauba wax which protects paint & provides a brilliant finish.

It cost less than $3 to apply the splatter wax and the liquid wax which follows.

This would be the cheapest & quickest polish you could apply to your car being done in less than 5 minutes and providing a brilliant shiny finish.

Our spot-free water is made in our plant room and as pure as any produced in car washes throughout Australia. We test it for purity regularly. Using the rinse correctly to remove all polish & soap will let the car dry without streaks and spots without the need to chamois dry.

We clean the bays throughout the day while our attendant is on site and again at 8pm, 11pm & 6am so that they are always kept clean for your convenience. We know that nobody wants to wash their car in a dirty wash bay.

Self serve bays accepts $1 & $2 coins or credit card plus $1 tokens that can be purchased with credit card from our change machine.

Under Body Wash

Advantages of Under Body Wash & how to use it.

Our Under-Body Wash is used to remove sand & salt from vehicles that have been to Fraser Island, mud from vehicles used for 4wd driving and general cleaning before carrying out mechanical work.

The Under-Body Wash can be used for 4wd’s, cars, boats and trailers.

Instructions to get best results can be seen below

The cost is $8 for 2 minutes and each additional $1 will give extra 15 seconds.

e.g. $10 gives 2.5 minutes.

The Under-Body Wash accepts $1 & $2 coins plus $1 tokens that can be purchased with credit card. From our change machine.



Dog wash

The dog wash is open 24/7 & is enclosed & waterproof on 3 sides with an insulated roof to keep you cool and "Winter Sun” wall panelling to allow air flow and has secure pool fencing on the front for the safety of your best friend.

We have marine carpet on the floor for you comfort and a shelf to keep your valuables away from nosey pooches. There is LED lighting so that you are safe using the dog wash at any time of the day or night & we provide parking opposite the dog wash.

We use best quality shampoo & conditioner and a herbal fled & tick rinse. There are 2 speeds on the blow dryer. There is also disinfectant that can be used before & after use of the wash. The dog wash is cleaned & disinfected every day by our attendant.

The cost is $6 for 6 minutes and then $1 for each additional minute if required.

The Dog Wash accepts accepts $1 & $2 coins plus $1 tokens that can be purchased with credit card from our change machine.

6 Vacuum & Drying Bays

We have 6 fully covered vacuums, 6 vacuum & Drying Bays. Which have insulated roofing over them for your comfort in hot or rainy weather.

Our vacuums are the latest fragrametic model available from America & have a standard powerful Super Vac function & an extra powerful Turbo Vac function. Vacuum units also dispense fragrance of “Black Ice”, “New Car” and “Jasmine”.

The cost of Super Vac is $2 for 4 minutes, Turvo Vac $2 for 3 minutes & fragrance $2 for 1 ½ minutes.

Vacuum & Fragrance machines accept accepts $1 & $2 coins plus $1 tokens that can be purchased with credit card from our change machine.



Visiting beautiful Fraser Island is an incredible experience, however along with nature has to offer during your visit, it also has after effects due to the salt and sand accumulated on 4wd vehicles.

Contrary to what some people believe, you don't have to drive in the salt water to have your vehicle covered in corrosive salt.

Another misconception is that because it's new, you don't have to worry about corrosion.  All it takes is a rock or stick to scratch your under body paint work and then you have bare metal exposed to corrosive salt.

After you come off the barge at River Heads, come straight to Super Wash Hervey Bay to use the "Under Body" wash first and then you can use the "Self Serve" bays or the "Automatic Laser Wash" and finally you can vacuum the sand out of your carpets and seats.

The end result is your car is back to it's clean shiny appearance.

You can use $1 & $2 coins plus $1 tokens that can be purchased with credit card from our change machine.